Monday, December 19, 2016

Serious and sleepy

My sweet girl slept in a little this morning and then woke up super serious. She was calm, but serious. A little jumpy/easily startled. I did manage to get a hint of a smile out of her but I had to work for it! She had speech this morning and did well for it but her therapist took it easy. Worked on PODD with her. She was a little zoned out and drooly at times, but she hung in there. Not too long after speech she dozed off and then proceeded to sleep the rest of the day. Still holding her pees (even while she slept), her nurse even used the warm water to get her to go and she dozed right back off. She did wake up around 8:30pm and was pretty alert (considering she'd slept most of the day). She was a little blinky at first. Very sensitive in her eyes. She finally settled down and was wide awake until almost midnight. She did do one funny thing...Mike was laying beside her kissing her (making a kissing noise as he was going in for the kiss) and she'd turn her head away right as he was about to kiss her! It was like a little game! She did it over and over again! Too funny! No smiles, but full of humor! Hoping she can get some sleep tonight and wake up a little less serious/tense tomorrow!

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