Sunday, December 4, 2016


Reagan woke up this morning vocal and kooky but happy! We decided to go ahead with our plans to go see Santa! Grandma drove in this morning and was able to come along. It was a cold, rainy day so that was fun unloading and loading at the mall. It was much more crowded than usual for Caring Santa...turns out they were letting random mall goers jump right into the line! Not cool. We had actually registered for this weeks ago and when we got there we were given numbers, but apparently they weren't really using that method (the whole idea is that this way the kids won't have to wait in line). Eventually we just decided to go get in line and after jumping on them, it moved pretty quickly. Both kids were really good (if only we could get Reagan to stop shoving her hands in her mouth). Afterward we stood in another (longer) line to buy the pictures, which cost a fortune, only to find out the ones Grandma took on her cell phone were actually better! Oh well. You never know. Anywho, I'm glad we got some cute ones. Reagan has been very spunky today. Lots of vocalizations. LOTS. Tonight the vocalizing was so persistent, we were all getting headaches! She was still raring to go tonight but thankfully clonidine worked and now she's in bed. It's midnight and I'm still not in bed yet. Ugh. Good night.

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