Saturday, December 10, 2016

Laid back Saturday

Reagan and Ryan both woke up around 8am this morning. Both were in good moods and pretty darling. Reagan has had a good day today. She's had some crazy stinky gas (and indication that there's poo in there), so I helped her go and I think she's been feeling even better. She's been pretty laid back, a little vocal, but more relaxed. It's been a pretty laid back Saturday. Mike just got back from a business trip to Poland, so we've all just been hanging out today. Tonight we went to Mike's boss's Christmas party and Reagan had her night nurse with her and my stepsister came over to watch Ryan. Both kiddos were great. When we got home, Ryan was asleep and Reagan was dozing off on the floor. We were able to move her to bed and she seems to be down for the night. Gotta get to sleep myself...I'm running 18 miles in the morning!

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