Saturday, December 31, 2016

Quiet New Years Eve

Reagan had a super sleepy day today. When I woke up to run this morning, I immediately heard her pump beeping. For whatever reason, I couldn't hear it while I was asleep but the second I woke up, I could hear it. I went in her room and found her pump stuck at 140mls...meaning it had only run for 2hrs before stopping. Even worse, I never even found a reason for it to have alarmed! No kink, no bubbles, no nothing. I just pressed run and it started running again. Stupid pump. So despite listening to a beeping pump for 4hrs, she was still fast asleep. When I got home 3hrs later, she was still sleeping. I changed her, she stayed out. I changed her again later...still out. It wasn't until this afternoon that she finally woke up. She was a little serious, big eyes, but calm. She mellowed out even more the longer she was awake. I picked her up and held her and she relaxed enough to have a little poo on her own!! Always excited to see that. Her body is definitely more relaxed right now. She did still want her hand in her mouth while awake though, so I did put her arm restraint back on and shortly thereafter, she was back asleep! Not a very exciting New Years eve for my girl (kinda like Christmas), but I love seeing her finally able to get some much needed rest!

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