Tuesday, December 6, 2016

No pee and so crunchy

Last night was a similar night sleep-wise. My girl dozed off well with the help of clonidine, but by 2am was awake and vocal. I went in there around 4am and found her completely uncovered and wiggled up sideways in her bed! I moved her back down and tucked her back in, but I'm not sure how much sleep she got. When I went back in around 7am she had wiggled herself back into the same position! Silly girl. I decided then to just move her to her chair. Still no pee. Definitely holding right now, although considering how crunchy she is right now, it's not all that surprising. Thankfully she's still super smiley and sweet. Vocal but not as much as previous days. Still lots of hands in the mouth and spitting up a storm (making her a little chokey at times). She had PT this morning and did well with that. Made her therapist and nurse both work to get her up into tall kneeling! It was good for her though...forced her out of that flexion she's been stuck in for days! This afternoon she had school and speech. She did really well with her "I want to say something button" and gave them several yes's and even one clear no! After school she spent some more time in her wheelchair as it was the most relaxed she had been all day. She was very purposefully playing with the peekaboo farm app. Hitting the screen to get to a new animal each time. We saved the bath for tonight when the night nurse was here. Kinda hoping the bath helps her relax a little and actually get some sleep tonight!

Brother reading to Reagan! So sweet (in their matching pjs)! 

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