Thursday, December 8, 2016

Much needed rest

Reagan slept in this morning til 11am. She was still dry when she woke up, so her nurse had to help her go. She was a bit serious, but calm and quiet. She didn't seem to like us talking, but was OK one on one. She had a make up session of speech at 12:30, so her nurse put her in a new outfit (she looked adorable) and put her in her wheelchair. She only made it through about half of speech before falling asleep in her chair! She stayed out even after moving her to the floor and changing her diaper. She continued to sleep the rest of the night. I finally helped her pee again around 10pm because she still hadn't gone on her own. She went, never waking up, and I moved her to bed! Finally my girl is getting some much needed rest. Hoping she'll wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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