Monday, December 26, 2016

Kooky at times but good

Reagan slept in a bit this morning waking up right around 9:30am. Just in time for speech at 10am! At one point during speech she did seem to get a little overstimulated/stressed, but she settled down once her computer was moved. Later her nurse worked on sitting with her and she did great! Very good head control today. She got in lots of good stretching as well. Then this afternoon she had a good poo (thanks to a docusol mini enema) and then started looking very sleepy. Her nurse dimmed the sounds and lights and she dozed off and took a nice hour long nap! She woke up abruptly due to some outside noises and immediately became very vocal and kooky, and fixated on biting her fingers. She settled down a bit but became very vocal again while playing with her switch toys. She was OK the rest of the night. A little vocal, but good.

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