Monday, December 12, 2016

Flat morning and laughy night

I'm not sure how well Reagan slept last night. She was asleep in bed but when I was about to crawl into bed at 12:45am I heard her vocalize. I went in and found a very still girl with her eyes open. She'd open her eyes wide and look around, then close them, then open and close. So precious. She finally dozed back off but she was so quiet when awake, I'm not sure we'd even know if she was awake or not. I woke up at 7:30am to a call from Grandma and then realized that both kiddos were already up! Reagan was very calm and still but a bit flat this morning. Not really serious, because she seemed super content, just hard to get a response out of her. Even Grandma facetiming couldn't get a laugh or smile from her! She definitely loosened up as the day went on and actually had a really great day! This morning she had speech and she did really well with that. Had some very clear yes's and no's with her head nodding. This afternoon she had OT and did really well with that too. Her therapist said she also had some very clear head nodding answers. Then she had speech/school a little later today and her speech therapist said she even got an actual NO out of her!! She said NO! And I swear tonight I heard mama too! Her teacher did a lot of motor work with her because her hands have been so still and not jammed down her throat like usual. She's been a little on the laughy side tonight. Still having lots of stinky gas. Super darling, super sweet. Loving this mood. She's had cold hands and feet all day today so not sure where she's headed. Hoping she can keep these good, calm days going!

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