Saturday, December 17, 2016

Day trip to Houston

We all slept in today! Reagan finally woke me up at 9am and I found a little girl on top of her covers and soaked through! She was super smiley, although crunchy, and pretty vocal. Ryan slept in until 10am when I finally went in and forced him to wake up! Not sure what that's about. He never sleeps that late! He woke up fine though and everyone seemed to be in good spirits so we headed to Houston for Mike's sister's baby shower. Both kids were great in the car, Reagan with her hand in her mouth nonstop! The only mishap we had today was when we first got to his sister's house and they had music playing. She immediately started freaking out, no crying, we stopped it quick enough but it would have eventually escalated to tears. She was fine the rest of the day. Kids running around everywhere and dogs tearing through the house, she was a trooper! Ryan loved playing with his cousins and getting all muddy in the back yard (and stepping in dog poo...ugh). Both kids were great for the ride home as well. Ryan dozed off for a bit but it was shortlived. When we got back home we decided to drive down a road close to our house that goes all out for Christmas. It was packed even though the temp had just dropped 30degrees! Ryan loved it but wanted to get out so that was a struggle. Reagan has been holding her pees all day today, which is good for a car ride, but not good for her bladder. Her body is just so tense she can't go. She's also been having super stinky toots today but she just can't go she's so clenched up! Hopefully she loosens up tomorrow. Glad we can all sleep in again's been a long day!

See anything similar? Ugh that hand in the mouth!

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