Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bursts of crazy

Reagan woke up spunky and vocal this morning. Very crunchy and biting on her hands. An arm restraint on that left arm, helped keep her from doing too much damage. She tolerated working on sitting and stretching with her nurse, but she was still pretty vocal. She worked on tall kneeling while grabbing/reaching for items with her PT and tolerated that well. Afterward, once in her tomato chair, she was very active, kicking around nonstop. Crossing and uncrossing her legs over and over again. Grabbing at her harness a lot. Her nurse tried to distract her with the iPad, but this only seemed to make things worse and things just seemed to escalate...she became super vocal and was flailing around a lot. She did calm down a lot once the iPad was removed and sounds were minimalized. The rest of the day was better. She even did fine in her wheelchair listening to the radio and playing with her switch toys. Her nurse even helped her color a picture in her coloring book! Reagan was still vocal but smiling! I have to wonder if tummy pains might be to blame for the sudden bursts of fussiness today...or maybe it's just sensory related. Sure wish she could tell us. Sweet girl. Hoping she can sleep tonight with this increased energy!

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