Thursday, November 3, 2016

Wonderful girl

Reagan slept well last night. I woke up this morning and both kiddos were still asleep. Eventually I heard Ryan making noise around 7am, so I first peeked in on Reagan and found her completely still in her bed but wide awake and smiling! Sweet girl! I moved her to her therapy room. She's been super wonderful today. Quiet but smiley. So so darling. Her temperature regulation is still off. She's getting very sweaty on her back but her hands and feet are like ice. She's also still holding her pees. We had to help her pee every single time she went today. Ugh. This girl! How can she be so sweet and calm, but so tense in her body? Same with the poos. I gave her an enema...nothing. I had to help her poo as well! She's all clenched up! She had two therapies today, PT and OT, and they both made her work. She was doing awesome sitting (at least that tone comes in handy for something). Tonight she's been so still and so content. Friends came on and I swear she was watching it intently for an entire episode! Then she dozed off on the floor laying beside me. Sweet girl. Wonderful girl, wonderful day.

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