Friday, November 11, 2016

Vocal/kooky girl

Reagan woke up this morning vocal and spunky! She's been very vocal/kooky/crunchy all day today! No therapies today but it still felt like a busy day. The DME rep came by with the rep for the new wheelchair to see what adjustments they could make to it to try and improve its handling. I have not been happy with it as is. They were able to raise it up by 5in or so and that definitely should help with transfers. While they were here, we also had a car salesman bring by a car we've been considering to see how Reagan's carseat/Reagan fit in it. It is higher than my car so it might provide a challenge for me to get her in there. Not sure it will work. Afterward we whisked her off upstairs to get in a quick bath, then it was back down stairs to see how she fit in the wheelchair after all of the adjustments. Definitely better. Still missing a few things...a pommel, some pads for her foot plates, a hinge for her headrest, and a stroller handle. A work in progress. Today was our anniversary and we had a romantic dinner with the kiddos! Reagan has continued to be super vocal. At times sounding quite upset or on the verge of tears. I noticed that her tummy is rock hard and her tube was a little leaky. I tried venting her tummy; I think that helped a little. Poor girl. Hoping she sleeps tonight and wakes up feeling better! The walk is first thing in the morning!

Dozed off momentarily while she was trying out the adjusted wheelchair! (didn't last long)

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