Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Vocal and spunky

Reagan was up and vocal by 5am. I went in and found her laying on top of her covers, so I changed her diaper and tried putting her back under her covers, but she was NOT going back to sleep. Eventually I just moved her to the therapy room and put on some cartoons for her. She's been very vocal today. Lots of hands in the mouth. Very squirmy/kicky and spunky. This morning she had speech and PT and did well with both. Definitely a fight to get her to use her arms as she wants those hands in her mouth pretty much nonstop! She's been super spunky/vocal all day today. She was so loud tonight that Mike had to keep rewinding the television because he couldn't hear over her vocalizations! Hoping she winds down and can get some sleep tonight! Praying for a good Thanksgiving for her tomorrow. No traveling for us tomorrow, it's one of the first Thanksgivings we won't be spending with Mike's family (most of them were traveling this Thanksgiving). Instead we're just going to join our neighbors. So thankful we have such great neighbors!!

Ryan had a ball at the dog park! Even though Dominic didn't want to give up his ball!

The dog park located at a local veteran's memorial park with this really neat monument honoring veterans. 
Ryan made it the entire time without getting near any dog poo and then after we had left the dog park area he managed to put his knee in a pile of it and we had to head home! :(

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