Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tense, sleepy, and kooky!

Reagan slept well last night...we all slept well last night! In fact, I got up and ran at 5am but came back and took a shower and fell back to sleep missing Ryan's speech therapy this morning! Ahhhh, so nice to sleep on a normal bed again! Reagan slept in til 9:45am and woke up sweet and smiley, but super tense in her body. She had PT this morning at 11am and she really made her therapist work for it! She definitely seems to be a lot more stiff in her body lately. Not sure what that's about, but it's not good. She dozed off shortly after PT and slept about 5.5hrs straight. She's definitely congested, snoring up a storm, with some clearish/yellowish discharge from her nose. Hoping she's not coming down with anything. She woke up just after 5:30pm and we gave her an enema and got in a bath before her nurse left for the day. She stayed awake for the night nurse, but was very vocal/kooky. Her nose was really running so we did some nasal saline and sucked it out and actually got a good amount out. The kookiness continued and an hour or so later she seemed like she could lose it at any second. Her nurse gave her some oxycodone and she calmed down and dozed off. Crisis averted. Praying she can get some good sleep tonight and wake up less excitable tomorrow!

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