Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sweet and smiley

Reagan slept well last night but woke up early this morning at 5am! I'm not sure if she just sensed I had gotten up to run or what (because I never heard a peep out of her beforehand), but she was awake and vocal when I left at 5:15am. I was hoping she might go back to sleep, but she stayed awake and cooing and greeted me with a smile when I got back. She was still dry (obviously still holding) when Dad moved her to the therapy room. She's been super darling and sweet all day today. Still putting her hands in her mouth a lot, but smiling all the while! She had speech this morning and worked on PODD and the eyegaze and did really well with both (I went to her ARD while she was doing speech.) Nothing else really going on until late this afternoon. She had a new nurse working today and I think everything went well, but we're still really missing Megan. Reagan's teacher had a late meeting so she didn't come until 4:15pm or so. Reagan was in such a great mood though, we thought she better take advantage of it! Her back has been a bit sweaty when in her tomato chair...not sure what that's about. Quite possible the temp dysregulation and the pee holding are both dysautonomia symptoms. Her hands and feet have been cool but not ridiculously cold yet. Hoping she continues to have smiley days...

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