Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Surprisingly good day

Reagan slept in a little this morning, not waking up until around 10am. She woke serious but calm. Once transferred to her tomato chair, she was a little frowny, but she relaxed a little once moved to the floor. PT came at 11am and worked with her on sit-to-stand from a bench. She had a little break and then it was time for OT. She worked on sitting, stretching, and bearing weight on her elbows/arms. She did a great job with both therapies and then proceeded to rock her session of school/vision therapy too! After a bit of a shaky start to the day, she really pulled it out and managed to have a solid day! Tonight we gave her a bath and she had a nice relaxing evening. Our Tues night nurse was here so she read her some books and they played on the ipad for a while and Reagan stayed nice and calm the entire time. Sweet girl. Hoping for another good day tomorrow.

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