Saturday, November 5, 2016

So much better

Reagan SLEPT! Thank you Lord! We actually slept through til 7am when Ryan woke us up! We talked him into laying down with us til 8, but he just goofed off the entire time, so we didn't really get much more sleep! Reagan slept til about 9:30am or so, when her beeping pump woke her up. She woke serious but calm. And WET! Finally! She peed on her own and drenched her pants and chair! I changed her and we brought her downstairs where she's been wonderful ever since. Very laid back. A little talkative, but content. Soooooo happy that she's feeling better today! The rest of the day was a lot of the same. Lots of pees and a super sweet content girl! What more could we ask for? It's been a good day!
Ryan got a hold of my phone and took a bunch of pics...;)
These are just a few!

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Diane said...

So glad she is better! Whew! Ryan has the eye of artist, he had great balance and terrific spatial awareness! His Pic's are really good! :-)