Saturday, November 19, 2016

So calm

Well, that went better than expected! Ryan did a good job of not moving around too much (Mike did say that at one point he woke up and found Ryan at the end of the bed uncovered with his legs laying on me...I was still asleep). Reagan woke up a little early and started making some noises, but we were all able to stay in bed until right around 7am. When we finally got up, I discovered that Reagan had leaked through her diaper (that was probably why she had started vocalizing). She's been in a very good, laid back mood today. Very quiet and calm. Very still body. And not holding her pee in the least! She's been having so many wet diapers I'm afraid we may run out while we're here. Lots of stinky gas too! I eventually helped her go poo too. This afternoon Reagan hung out with Amber/Dan while Ryan, Mike, and I went driving around the property. Apparently because we booked during hunting season we're unable to use several different areas of the ranch which include a stocked fishing pond, a grotto, and a scenic creek. I'm a little peeved about it because I was thinking we could take some pretty pictures in that area. We did find a little pond closer to the lighthouse/stables that Mike was able to fish in for a bit. We saw several very large catfish but he didn't catch any. Ryan was just happy to pull worms out! Then we came back and watched a really pretty sunset and Mike lit the firepit and heated up the hot tub. We all took turns getting into the hot tub (after Ryan went to bed) and my sister and her husband cooked a nice dinner. We all had a very nice night. Reagan was calm and collected all day/night. She started getting a little spitty/gaggy tonight, so eventually I had to give her clonidine to get her to go to sleep (because there was no way I could lay her down half awake being so chokey). Mike was able to get her to doze off and I've got my fingers crossed that everyone stays asleep!

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