Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sleepy, cranky, sleepy!

My girl slept well last night...and then just kept sleeping this morning! She slept through her make up visit of speech and wanted to keep sleeping through PT as well. When PT got here, the nurse decided to go ahead and try to get Reagan to pee since she had been holding all night! It took 6 bottles of warm water but she finally went and woke up! So while she was awake, her PT was able to get some stretching done. She said Reagan was especially tense today in her body. Stretching was definitely a struggle. She tolerated it though, but didn't look super thrilled. I went in and talked to her for a bit but she was serious and even gave me the pouty lip a few times! Uh oh. That's always a bad sign. I went downstairs so as not to aggravate her further, but 10min or so later, the nurse got the pouty lip. And then tears soon followed. She gave her oxycodone and that seemed to help her settle down. She was looking sleepy again. Eventually she dozed back off and then slept the rest of the afternoon. I think she probably would've slept the entire day, had we not disturbed her to get her to pee! She went one more time on her own around 5:30pm and that was it. For the day. She kept sleeping. And sleeping.

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