Friday, November 18, 2016

Off to the lighthouse!

Reagan had a good day today. She was a little vocal at times, but overall she had a good day. No therapies today. Just taking it easy and packing for our trip. Mike rented the lighthouse at the lighthouse ranch in Johnson City for a birthday getaway weekend for me! He took the day off and went to have thanksgiving lunch with Ryan at school. We left around 5:30pm and headed to Johnson City (about an hour and a half from our house). Reagan rode with me and Ryan rode with Mike. Ryan dozed on the way and Reagan and I listened to Christmas music the whole way there (every now and then screaming out and scaring the crap out of me)! We missed the turn and had to go back and then we drove down the long winding road up to the lighthouse. It's a beautiful house up on top of a 200ft hill with breathtaking 360 degree views. We met my sister and her husband (and their dogs) there and and Ryan has been in heaven! As nice as the house is, we're all a little creeped out by the secret room on the second floor (it's 4 stories tall) and the general consensus is that this house looks a lot like the setting of a horror movie. It didn't help that a cold front had just come through and the wind was off the charts causing some of the windows/doors to shudder and scare the living hell out of us! Of course after all of that talk, we all decided to sleep on the first floor! Ryan and Mike dozed off in our bed around 9-9:30 and Reagan and I did all of Reagan's medicines and once she started to doze a(around 11:30pm), I moved her to the mattress we brought down and put on the floor in front of our bed. Ryan is notorious for moving a lot in his sleep and making it impossible for us to sleep so we'll see how much any of us sleep tonight (and the bed is literally the hardest bed I've ever laid on). Good night (hopefully)!

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