Sunday, November 27, 2016

Not a good day

I got up and went running this morning at 5:30am. My longest run yet...16miles! And boy am I sore! Reagan slept in this morning, not waking up until around 10:30am. She woke up very tense and serious. Grinding her teeth. Big wide eyes and flaring nostrils. Not a good sign. Her nurse moved her to the therapy room and she escalated a bit and got noticeably upset. Her nurse gave her oxycodone and I was able to get her to calm down and she dozed off. She slept for 4hrs straight and then woke back up very tense and upset. Again, I went up and tried to calm her down, but I don't think any of that helped until she finally got some more oxycodone in her system.She eventually settled back down and dozed back off. Sweet girl. She definitely just isn't feeling well today. Hoping it's short lived. Tonight she only made it 3 hrs before waking back up crying again. She settled down a bit when I picked her up, but that didn't last and she was full on crying again before long. Lots of thrashing and putting her hands in her mouth/hair. I was afraid she was going to tear her face up, so (against her will) I cut her fingernails. She loved that! She's been getting little cuts on her face lately from her fingernails, so I'm hoping to avoid it this time around. Really praying she can stay asleep!

Ryan was LOVING these bubbles! It was insane how many there were! 

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