Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Much improved for a super busy day!

Reagan slept in a little this morning and I had no clue how she might wake up! She had a pretty yucky day yesterday but she really mellowed out last night when the night nurse was here, so I was holding out hope! Thankfully she woke up feeling much improved. A little serious but very calm and content. She had an early session of speech (which she did GREAT for) and then we quickly whisked her off to the dentist for her 6 month checkup (which I wasn't even sure she was going to make it to today)! She was awesome! In the car, in the office...a perfect girl. We came home and almost immediately we had the tricycle rep show up to make some adjustments on her bike! Then we took her out and took a little spin on it, even though it was a nasty, rainy sort of day, we managed to get her on it for a bit in between all the rain! She looked great! And we tried out the new bike helmet I bought for her today at the little shop that's in the building where her dentist is located. After the bike, she had a little while to rest before she had school. She had a good session with her teacher as well. She's just been super laid back and calm all day today. Tonight she had a little hint of a smile and was a little more kicky/squirmy on the floor. Her face kept getting flushed (pink cheeks) but her head felt fine. She's definitely congested today. Lots of sneezes...productive sneezes at that! I know how she feels. We are all definitely fighting something (allergies or a cold, I'm not really sure what it is). She was still awake with an occasional yawn at 11pm and Daddy laid down with her to finally get her to fall asleep. Hoping for another good day tomorrow for my girl!

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