Monday, November 21, 2016

Home again

Everyone slept really well last night! Thank goodness! We woke up around 7am, but Reagan kept sleeping. She slept in until around 9am or so and woke a little serious/wide eyed, but calm. Not a lot planned for today. We ate some pancakes and started cleaning up around the house. Reagan mellowed out the longer she was awake. She was initially holding her pee and we had to help her go but she started going on her own shortly thereafter. Before we left the lighthouse, we took some photos and then headed home! Reagan rode with me again and we listened to Christmas music the whole way home and Ryan snoozed in the truck with Mike. We drove back through Marble Falls, so at least it was a nice scenic drive! We got home around 2:30pm and unloaded our packed cars and then I put a lasagna in the oven and took Ryan to HEB. Reagan was awake the the entire car ride but dozed off on the floor as soon as we got home! Sweet girl! Her nose is still very runny but no more sneezing! I can't help but wonder if maybe she was just allergic to the dogs! I know I'm sensitive to dog allergens after being dog free again for a few years. She's been a sweet, laid back girl tonight. Every now and then she'll get a little burst of energy and let out a high pitched squeal, but it's been a quiet night for the most part. We're all pretty tired. We had a great trip but we are SO looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight!!

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