Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Good day and Mike's bday

Reagan had a good day today. She had PT this morning and tolerated that really well. Her therapist focused on stretching one super tight muscle in her legs as her body has just been so tight with all of the crunchiness. They also worked on rolling, and she did great rolling both ways (and all the way over)! This afternoon she had OT and worked out a lot of gas! We always joke with our OT that she just has a knack for getting gas/poos out of our girl! They worked on sitting, tall kneeling, etc...and she tolerated it all well. She had another good day today. Tonight we had a new night nurse working who is going to be doing our 6-10pm shifts Tues/Thurs. This will allow us to get back to Bible study Thursday nights but also will give us a potential date night on Tuesdays! And tonight it allowed us to go out to dinner for Mike's bday! We decided to head downtown drop in on the UMDF Kendra Scott event on South Congress and I snagged two pieces of jewelry with our November birthday discounts (with 20% of the proceeds going to the UMDF). And then we went for a birthday dinner at an Austin landmark Hopdoddy (which just so happened to be right next door). Actually before Kendra Scott/dinner we passed by another Austin landmark, the "I love you so much" wall and had to stop and take a picture! We wrapped up and were headed home at 7:30pm just as everything was starting to get crowded! We're real party animals!! ;)

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