Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A bad day for my girl

Reagan slept in again this morning. I almost canceled speech, but she woke up right as she pulled up. She woke very wide eyed and serious, so we just kinda let her be and we worked on finding ways to say some of our commonly used phrases using her PODD book. Around 10:45am she finally lost it and started full on crying. Her nurse gave her some oxycodone and she fell asleep around 11am. Unfortunately, it didn't last and she was back awake and crying by 11:50am! At this point she started holding her breath and turning purple, freaking her new nurse out a little. She gave her a dose of clonidine around 12:15pm and she dozed back off about 30min later. She slept but was a bit restless, waking for short few minute stretches and then dozing back off. She woke back up around 3:30pm and was still pretty stressed. She started vocalizing a little bit later, so we tried another dose of oxycodone. She dozed off in her chair 15min later and continued sleeping. She actually never woke back up! I moved her to the floor a few hours later but she just continued to sleep. Eventually I changed her diaper and Mike moved her to bed and she just stayed asleep (thankfully without any more medication)! Really hoping she wakes up feeling much better tomorrow! Sweet girl. She definitely seemed to be having some sort of pains today.

A very unhappy girl here. This is a new weird thing I've noticed Reagan doing with her hands when putting them in her mouth lately. Instead of cramming several straight fingers down like she usually does, she making almost a hook em horns sign and then putting them in her mouth. Not sure what that's about. 

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