Saturday, October 1, 2016

On edge

We all eventually got some decent sleep last night. Finally. Reagan woke up still pretty tense and on edge but OK. Ryan has been on a balloon animal frenzy today. He's making me make every balloon animal imaginable! I've gotten pretty good at it too. Thank God for YouTube! Reagan has been kinda up and down. She'll be OK and calm one minute, then agitated and near tears the next. I still think her tummy is hurting her. Still hearing lots of gas and this morning she was still holding her pees although she's finally started going on her own again. Her temperature regulation is still definitely off. Super cold, clammy hands and feet and her back is getting super sweaty when in her tomato chair (which is where she prefers to be today). Those legs are kicking around nonstop. Really hoping she's able to sleep tonight. I've got a long run in the morning and I need some sleep so I can function!

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