Saturday, October 15, 2016

To Houston and back

Reagan didn't really seem to sleep much again last night. I found her this morning completely wiggled out of her covers laying at the top of her bed...sideways. She was serious, but calm. Very quiet. We got everyone dressed and loaded up into the car and left around 9:30am to head to Houston. Reagan was very subdued and zoned out for most of the trip. She had big, wide eyes...but we couldn't get a laugh out of her for anything! She was pretty calm most of the trip but got a little kicky at the end (kept kicking the back of my seat) when the sun was shining in her face. I tried to block it with a blanket, but that only helped a little. We finally got there and she was calm and cool. It was very noisy as there were a ton of cousins running around, but she didn't seem to mind. Ryan had a blast playing outside with the dogs and on the swing set (and breaking his cousin's toys). We stayed from about 12:30-6:45 and then headed back. Both kiddos were great for the drive home as well. Reagan was calm the whole way, but never once dozed off. Ryan dozed off for a bit (we thought he'd be exhausted) but he woke up when we stopped for a snack. Ryan went to bed shortly after getting home but Reagan stayed awake and was actually rolling around all over the floor. No rest for the weary. Eventually Mike took her up to bed and tried laying down with her but she never fell asleep. She's still quiet but just not going to sleep. I'm giving her clonidine and hoping for the best! We're all beyond exhausted (so is she but her body is just not letting her sleep)...

Sooooo serious but precious!

Ryan and Carter are only a yr apart in age! 

He was surrounded! A little chaotic outside!

What's that on your head Mike? Oh it's a dog! ;)

This dog loved Reagan! 

A little zoned out but not at all sleepy (despite getting no sleep for the last few nights...)

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