Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sweet girl

Reagan woke up this morning super sweet and darling. I noticed she was a little sensitive in her eyes at first (lots of blinking) but that seemed to fade away as the day went on. Reagan only had one therapy today, speech this morning, and she did great with that. They did some feeding (Reagan's loves to eat) and then worked on her eyegaze. Not much else going on. Today is Megan's second to last day (tomorrow is her last) and it's hard to think about it without getting teary eyed. She and Reagan had a movie marathon today...our dvr is dead so her tv has been unwatchable except for movies. They also took a bunch of pics and played with snapchat! Megan bought them both engraved best friends necklaces! Reagan's name is engraved on the back of Megan's half heart and Megan's is on the back of Reagan's! So sweet! Reagan has had a TON of stinky gas today, so before bath time I helped her go and then she had a nice relaxing bath! She's been pretty laughy this afternoon/tonight. I picked her up and held her tonight and I must've had her in just the right poo poo position (bottom low, knees high) and she went again on her own! Sweet girl! That's a lot of poo over the last two days! The rest of the night she was laughy/vocal but sweet. Yawning a lot but not falling asleep on her own. Eventually I did have to give her some clonidine to get her to bed.

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