Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sweet girl, tense body

Reagan was awake this morning when I got no idea how long she had been laying there quietly awake. She did finally have a pee on her own (thank God). She's been calm and serious today...but still quite beautiful. She was perfect for the baby shower, nothing bothered her she was so laid back. It was funny, everyone already knew who she was since Megan talks about her so much! We had a nice time and Reagan couldn't have been any better! We came home and have had a pretty laid back rest of the day. She's a little spitty/foamy, she keeps biting on her lower lip and ends up with crusty foam around her mouth. She's been pretty still. Kicking around a little, but not really putting her hands in mouth. She's bringing them together at midline a lot today. So precious to see her with her hands just clasped together in her lap! Definitely still a little neurologically off. I think it might be puberty to blame for that. Who knows. Peeing is still off. I had to help her pee twice this morning/early afternoon, then she went once on her own tonight. Hoping she'll have another before bed. Even though she appears calm, her body is still very tense (hence the holding). I'm hearing some teeth grinding as we speak. Hoping she can get back into a more normal groove tomorrow!


Janet said...

Love that girl! How cute is that outfit on her!!!!!!!

Reagan Leigh said...

I know! We picked it because we knew Megan was going to be wearing navy floral! They looked like twinsies! ;)