Monday, October 10, 2016

Super sleepy...again!

Reagan had another sleepy day today. Super sleepy. This morning I had the "fair hearing" to get her Physical Therapy back up to 2x a week. It was really just a conference call and where the state reads a bunch of stuff word for word and then I'm asked to state my case. I had letters from both her PCP and her PM&R (physical medicine and rehabilitation) doctor saying how important 2x a week therapy is for her so I read those as well as some of the important key points from the long detailed letter from her physical therapist. I think I made myself pretty clear. Hopefully after seeing all of the evidence (and actually reading it for once), they decide to reinstate her to 2x a week. They have two months to make the decision and in the mean time she can continue at 2x a week so that's good news. Of course with her sleeping today, we didn't have any therapists come. She literally slept the entire her bed! Out like a light. She did finally wake up tonight when I was out running an errand. I came back to find her awake and spunky with Daddy! She was awake for a few hours until she dozed back off again. Sweet girl. She does like her sleep!

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