Wednesday, October 19, 2016

So active!

Today has been pretty similar to the two days before. I think she's getting some sleep, but we keep finding her awake in the morning, so we're not sure how much. My girl continues to be super kooky/vocal. Maybe a little less tense, but still kooky. She had speech this morning and they worked a little on using PODD (we don't have a full book yet but this was part of the book her teacher printed out). She also used her eyegaze and her yes/no buttons! I think her speech therapist might need a few more arms! Reagan did well with everything. After speech she spent some time playing with her switch toys. It was funny because I was downstairs and I could hear her hitting her switch over and over again unprompted! She started looking sleepy and then around 1pm dozed off. She slept for an hour or so and woke up vocal! She definitely seems to be having some tummy discomfort. We helped her poo and then gave her a bath and I think that must've helped her feel better! Tonight we had her on the floor and she was SUCH a rolly polly. She was rolling onto her tummy, squirming down off her mat, turning herself around 180 degrees! She's been so active! Not sure how that translates to sleep tonight. I did finally give her clonidine and she seems to be soundly asleep at the moment. Hopefully tonight's the night?

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