Monday, October 17, 2016

Sleepy and kooky!

Reagan slept well last night and had another sleepy sort of day today. She woke up this morning and was a bit vocal/kooky/crunchy. Lots of movement, lots of vocalizing! She had speech at 10am and she was fine for the first half and then passed out cold! Her nurse moved her out of her wheelchair onto the floor where she slept! And slept! She woke up 2 hrs later and again was very vocal and active...hands in hair or mouth at all times. Her nurse tried to distract her with some chewelry and a vibrating chew toy, but she was pretty persistent! She dozed back off on the floor again and slept for another 2hrs or so, waking up just before her nurse left. Tonight she was pretty excitable/kooky so we just tried to keep it calm. Hoping for sleep again tonight.

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