Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sleep and PODD

Not sure how much (if any) Reagan slept last night. She woke up this morning on edge but calm. Looking extremely sleepy. She seemed to prefer to be left alone, but she did tolerate mommy talking to her and her brother reading a story to her. She eventually dozed off and slept for a good long while...woke up just long enough to be changed and moved to the floor and promptly fell back to sleep. Her nurse, teacher, school speech therapist, and I all went to a PODD training this afternoon. It was very interesting to see this lady's journey with PODD with her son and we're excited to see how this might work for Reagan. We plan on starting with the low tech book option but there is also an app for the iPad (that's on sale right now 50% off for Rett syndrome and AAC awareness month) and a version for her eyegaze computer that we will eventually want to get! We got home to find Reagan asleep in exactly the same spot as we had left her! Daddy didn't have to do much while we were gone. She actually never really woke up. I went in and changed her into pjs and she opened her eyes for a second but then just curled right back up and was back out. Mike moved her to her bed and I'm pretty sure she's out for the rest of the night. Glad she's finally getting some sleep as she had gone so many days without it!

Mike texted me this pic at 2:44pm as I was headed to my training...

Then this one at 4:49pm...still out cold!!

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