Thursday, October 20, 2016

Precious and calm

I woke up this morning to Reagan vocalizing (Mike said she had been vocalizing for hours)! I found her laying on top of her covers, sockless and cold. I changed her and moved her to her therapy room. She was more calm/less vocal once in her tomato chair. You could tell right away she was definitely more calm today. Big eyes, that were a little sensitive this morning. The rest of the day she was practically nonvocal. Very smiley and still putting those hands in her mouth, but the kookiness is gone. She's been super precious. Still very crunchy and tense in her body...she's been holding her pees all day today. Her temperature regulation has been off (sweating her back wet when in her chair), so her nurse has kept her on the floor a lot today. She's been rolling over onto her tummy over and over again! Her tube has been a bit leaky, but hopefully that's just because of all of the rolling. This morning she had PT and did well with that and then this afternoon she had school/vision therapy and did well with those too. All around a pretty good day. I'm happy to see her more if we could just get those hands out of the mouth!

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