Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Laughy but not smiley

Reagan slept well and woke this morning right before 8. I was sitting beside her talking to her when I finally realized someone was knocking at the door! It was our nurse (and a new nurse that had come to orient)! I couldn't hear them knocking from upstairs and Ryan was just ignoring them! I guess we don't have to worry about him letting strangers in! Reagan was in a good mood...laughing when greeted. She had speech therapy this morning but she was a little excitable and easily distracted. As soon as she was done with speech, we loaded up in the car to go to her orthotic appt. Finally! New AFOs. Everything went very well with the AFO fitting and we think we finally have a good fit. We'll see how she's tolerating them while in her stander tomorrow! We came home to the DME lady sitting outside waiting to deliver Reagan's new wheelchair!! Another FINALLY! This has been pending since June! Right off the bat we noticed that it's much smaller than her previous wheelchair! Which is kind of strange, since it's technically bigger (with more room for growth). So it's a different brand and actually just a lot closer to the ground than her previous one. It's got light up front wheels which is pretty cool (Ryan enjoys them). It also has a custom feature of both tilt in space AND recline! Pretty cool. We'll see how it works out but for now it looks good and she looks good in it! Today was actually one of the days we had as a back up for our photoshoot, but although content, Reagan just hasn't been smiley at all today. Laughy yes. But not smiley. And lots of weird faces. Very expressive eye brows that give her a not so happy look! So definitely not an optimal picture day. Oh well. We'll see how she is tomorrow. She was good all night tonight but then when I gave her clonidine to try to get her to sleep...she went NUTS. Eventually I had to give her oxycodone. It didn't work as quickly as usual and it still took her a while to finally calm down and go to sleep. Hoping she stays asleep!

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