Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!!!!

Reagan slept well last night, waking up smiling right around 8:30am this morning. She had speech this morning and did well. She's been crunchy today, lots of movement, shoving those hands in her mouth a lot! It did make it quite difficult to paint her nails yellow for Halloween but with the help of the arm restraints, we got it done! We put some batman decals on her thumbs in hopes they wouldn't end up eaten (one of them eventually disappeared so who knows what happened to it). This afternoon she had school/vision and did a great job with that as well. She was still having some issues holding her pees when the nurse left and she ended up peeing all over her batgirl costume just as I went to go get some warm water to help her go! I changed her, dried everything up as well as I could, put on her tights (that thankfully weren't on yet) and then I lined her wheelchair in black shirts to absorb anything that was still damp! We got a couple quick batman family pics before I headed out with the kids for trick or treating. Reagan did great and although a bit vocal at times, didn't seem to mind the mass crowds passing us through our neighborhood! Ryan did exceptionally well tolerating his costume (even wore the mask the entire time without a single attempt to take it off) and then went up to each door on his own to collect his candy! We made our way around the entire block and both kids had a blast! By the time we got back, both of them were sweating and ready to get out of their costumes! Dad was on candy duty for at least 2 hours! He loved that (not). Ryan did go back out and hand out some candy which he seemed to enjoy! After I fed and changed everyone we loaded up in the car and drove around the neighborhood to look at lights. A lot of houses had already turned them off by 9pm! :/ We all came home exhausted and ready for bed! Hoping for another good night's sleep tonight. Thankful my girl is finally sleeping again!

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