Thursday, October 27, 2016

Goodbye Megan

Reagan woke up last night around 3am and was vocalizing, but content. I saw that she was still covered up, so I left her and she eventually fell back to sleep. She slept in until around 8am or so and woke up a little wide eyed and serious. Another soaked bed, so she needed a complete outfit change before we could even move her! She did have one weird "episode" this morning where Megan was looking at her and she started blinking a lot, long blinks, and then turned her head to the left and stayed fixed for about 30sec or so. She came out of it with a little laugh and then was fine. Ugh. Damn hormones. Not a fan. Other than that, Reagan had a pretty good day. No therapies until this afternoon when she had OT. They carved a pumpkin! So fun!! She definitely seemed to enjoy putting her hands in the pumpkin goo and even tried to put her hands in her mouth afterward for a little taste! ;) After OT we decided to take a nice little stroll through the neighborhood to get in a couple more miles before the race on Saturday. It was a nice day for a walk. We pushed both kiddos and they both were great! Today we said goodbye to nurse Megan. Very sad. She will be missed.

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