Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good day

Reagan had a good day today! No more of that questionable stuff from yesterday. She woke up this morning sweet and smiley...but no pee. I specifically remembering when I put her to bed that she had not gone in a while, so I decided to just help her go (warm water trick) and she emptied a very full bladder! We didn't do much today. I participated in our neighborhood garage sale and sold several boxes of toys (and the rest I donated)! Reagan was great for Daddy while I was busy with the garage sale, but Ryan not so much! He plastered himself to the windows and then started sobbing! Finally I had to just bring him outside with me where he proceeded to grab toys out of babies hands saying, "that's MY toy"! We also watched lots of football. Reagan was still a little sweaty in her chair so she spent a lot of time rolling around on the floor. Lots of squirming and rolling onto her tummy! She's been pretty adorable today. Hoping for continued good days for my girl.

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