Saturday, October 29, 2016

Calm, quiet, and tense?

Reagan slept well last night! We weren't sure how she was going to wake up this morning since yesterday was not the best day, but we were still really hoping she'd be able to make it to the race this morning! I left around 6:45am and she was still asleep. She woke up around 8:30am when Mike went in to change her. She was tense but calm so he loaded her up and took her to the race (and my step mother went along to help with Ryan)! I got a text around mile 8 that they were headed my way. I met up with them around mile 12 and then we ran the rest of the way in with my girl! So glad we were able to pull that off! Sweet Ryan even tried to run along with us for a while at first, but Mike took him back to the truck sure he wouldn't be able to make it all the way to the finish. Reagan did awesome! Even with the noise at the finish, she was very calm and quiet. We got back home around 11am and I finished up her morning medicines (a little late) and then she dozed off laying on the mat. She slept for a while, waking up here and there, but then dozing back off again. No pees from about 2pm on. Definitely holding her pees again. For being so calm and seemingly relaxed, her body is still holding a lot of tension. She was awake for a bit and then dozed back off. She was asleep when we left to go to a Halloween party and left both kiddos in Grandpa's care. When we got home at 10, Ryan was asleep in bed, Grandpa was almost asleep, and Reagan was still but awake...and still NO pee! I helped her go at 10:30pm and she finally went! This girl! Hoping she will sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow a little more relaxed in her body!

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