Thursday, October 13, 2016

Calm but then kooky

Despite the craziness last night, Reagan did sleep well and waking up just before 8am. She's been very vocal/kooky today. A little more calm and smiley this morning, and then this afternoon she really turned up the kookiness! She had only on therapy today, PT, but she did get up into her stander in her new AFOs. Her therapist said they looked great even after 15min in the stander there was no redness. Hoping these are the perfect adjustments needed. We were hoping maybe today would be a good day for photos, but the smiles and calm body from this morning just didn't last. This afternoon she was a lot more tense, serious, on edge, and moving way more than this morning. Still not the right day for photos. Ugh. Some day we'll get these photos done...right? We've only been trying to do this for a year now!!!! Tonight she was fine, still a little serious and rolling all over the floor, but not as sensitive/on edge as she was this afternoon. Hoping for a more normal day tomorrow.

A preview of our "witch house"!! It's definitely beginning to look a lot like Halloween around here...

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