Friday, October 21, 2016

Calm and sweet but getting tense

When I woke up at 5am to run I saw Reagan moving around in her bed. She was quiet so I thought maybe she'd doze back off, but when I got back from my run, she was still awake. I moved her to her chair, she was still dry...still holding those pees! She has been super precious today. Very quiet and smiley. Still super crunchy...when you lay her on the floor she curls up into a ball! Less into her hands but still putting them in her mouth here and there. She had a nice laid back day today. No therapies today so she just spent a lot of quality time with her nurse Megan. Next week is her last week. She'll be a month out from her due date and it's time...but we don't want her to go! We're all very sad about it. She's been a big part of our life for the last 3yrs, she's practically family now, and as I type this I'm crying. She will be missed. Even Reagan's therapists are sad about it! Tomorrow she's having a baby shower and I'm really hoping Reagan will be up to going. She's had such a great day calm and so laid back and smiley...just hoping she can keep calm through tomorrow! Tonight she's been a little more serious. Very tense in her body, no smiles, some teeth grinding, and holding her pees. I tried and tried and couldn't get her to go before bedtime. She's also very twitchy. Definitely seems to be very out of it and neurologically off. Reminds me a little of how she was a few Sundays ago. Hoping she snaps out of this and manages to have a good day tomorrow!

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