Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Busy good day + lots of poos!

Reagan had a good but poopy day today! She started the day off with a big one!  I've noticed a little sensitivity to me...but maybe it's just me talking to her nurse that's annoying her? She had PT again this morning and worked on high kneeling and standing (and another poo). We decided to take a walk right around 12:30 to try to get in some extra miles toward her kids marathon putting her right at 20miles!  Only 5 left to go! She seemed a little sensitive/vocal right as we headed out, but settled down and seemed to enjoy the walk.We had to walk quickly though since we had to be back for OT by 1:30pm. Reagan's OT is finally back from her 2.5week vacation and boy have we missed her. She really worked Reagan and helped clear a lot of gas out! So three poos total today! It's been a while since we've had one of those days...but good to get everything cleaned out! Thankfully she's been in good spirits! This afternoon she even spent a good long chunk of time in her stander! Initially she seemed to get a little fussy after about 10min or so of standing, so we lowered her and let her sit for a while (and while she was down I took off her left AFO because her foot appeared to have shifted a little and I put it back on). Then we stood her back up where she stood for a good long time...maybe close to 30min playing with her switch toys and then spent another chunk of time sitting afterward. So she had her AFOs on for a very long time and got in some good standing time as well! Overall it's been a very busy, very productive day!

Lots of hand in the mouth today but also using her hands to press her switch! 

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