Friday, September 30, 2016

Up all night but OK day

Sleep last night was brutal. Reagan didn't sleep AT ALL. The medicine didn't help at all. She was either moaning, crying, or fussing all night. I got up over and over again with her, but nothing I did seemed to help soothe her. I have no clue if this is just a "bad day" or tummy pains or something in between. She was still awake and moany when I went to run at 6 but by the time I got back she was asleep. And then she slept (of course, now that I was up). And slept. We had another new nurse orienting this morning and she slept the entire time she was here. She did eventually wake up a little after 11am and she was a bit smiles but no fussing either. Definitely better than I expected. She actually had a pretty good day the rest of the day. No therapies, but she seemed pretty stable. Wasn't a huge fan of me talking to the nurse, but she seemed to do fine with the nurse talking to her. We did get in a bath and she did fine with that. Tonight she was a bit tense but OK. Her temp regulation seems a bit off. Her feet are red and ice cold. She was holding her pees again and I had to eventually help her go before bed. Mike and I were so tired tonight that we were both dozing off and Reagan was still wide awake but content. Finally Mike took her up to bed after midnight but she immediately started getting agitated and vocal. I gave her clonidine and she dozed right off but woke up fussing the second Mike tried to get up! She loves snuggling with her Daddy. He had to lay back down with her to get her to fall back to sleep. I'm going to bed now and it's after 1am...sooooo tired.

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