Friday, September 23, 2016

Therapy woes

My girl slept well last night. She did wake around 4am and I went in and covered her back up and she fell back to sleep. She's been super smiley and vocal again today. She only had one therapy, PT, but she did well with it. We're currently trying to come up with an at home therapy plan for Reagan. We're going to have all new people working with her (since her nurse of 3yrs is leaving to have her baby) and we really want to come up with a daily regimen that integrates therapy into each day. Another concern is that Medicaid has been cutting everyone's hours and right now we are in a battle to get her back up to 2x a week (they reduced her hours to 1x a week even though she VERY clearly fits the criteria for 2x a week). They also just reduced her speech from 3x a week to 2x a week! She used to get ALL therapy 3x a week! It's despicable what the state of Texas is doing right now to people with disabilities. Don't even get me started. It's a constant battle and I've been on the phone with people from TMHP, Medicaid, and my senator's office every day for the last couple weeks. SO frustrating. Thank God for this precious, smiley girl...I'll never stop fighting for her! Today after school I took Ryan to get a much needed haircut. He's still not tolerating them. He was miserable and trying to squirm out of my arms the entire time. Thankfully he was less vocal than usual (he still was upset but not screaming/crying the entire time) and we were the only people there. It's done. Ugh. So traumatic. At least he can see out of his eyes again!!

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