Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sweet, sleepless, and vocal!

So sleep wasn't so great for my girl last night. She decided to get a case of the crazies just before bedtime and it made getting her to sleep very difficult. Unfortunately, I think it really interfered with everyone's sleep and we're all running on empty this morning (even Ryan woke up super early and crying this am). Reagan is the only one that seems to be OK with no sleep! She's been super smiley and sweet! Very vocal and crunchy, but sooooo sweet. She had OT today as well as school/vision. She wasn't super into vision, but was doing OK with the teacher before the vision therapist showed up! She did get pretty kooky/vocal a few times today, but she held it together. Ryan had a bit of a rough day at school, so I'm really hoping we can all get a better night's sleep tonight. Come on Miss Reagan! Go to sleep!

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