Monday, September 12, 2016

Super busy day

It was a busy day today, so thankfully both kiddos slept well and woke up in good moods. Reagan still had quite a bit of tone in her legs but was in a good mood, so we decided to go ahead and move forward with her AFO casting appt this morning. She was a rock star and we got her all casted up no problem so we should have some new, hopefully better tolerated AFOs in a couple of weeks! Ryan went to school and then had lunch with Grandma since she was finally back in town again and it was Grandparents day. Reagan got home and then had PT, OT, AND school! She did well with everything, although she did fall asleep about half way through school. Poor thing, she had a busy day! Ryan had to go back to the doctor after school for a second round of antibiotic shots. This time was even worse and he fought like a maniac and then afterward was so defeated and sad he just laid there on the table and wouldn't move. SO sad! At his request we then took him to the Halloween store where he limped into the store and then picked out a Batman costume for himself (and we found a super cute bat girl costume for his sister)! Then we headed straight over to OT, and then finally back home. Whew! Busy day! Tomorrow is going to be even busier as we are driving to Houston for Reagan's EPI-743 study follow up and genetics appt. Praying for a good trip!

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