Friday, October 28, 2016


Reagan had some difficulty falling asleep last night and then was up and down all night crying. Ugh. Not good. This morning she was more whiny/tense than crying. Overall she seemed very tired (obviously, she was up most of the night). And she kept having nervous bursts of laughter here and there. Her nurse just tried to keep everything calm and was a good day for no therapies. Eventually she did escalate a bit this afternoon requiring some pain medication. She dozed for a little while but then woke back up still completely dry. She's definitely holding her pees again. Her nursed helped her go and then we gave her a bath. Tonight she was still stressed, vocal, and holding. I have no idea what to expect for tomorrow. I'd love for her to make it to the race, but it's not looking good! We'll just have to see how she sleeps tonight and feels in the morning!

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