Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sooo sleepy!

Reagan slept well last night, although we found her laying completely on top of her covers this morning. We also found her laying in formula as her extension popped out and was feeding the bed. Ugh. Everything was soaked. She was still out cold so we moved her to the floor and changed her and got her all cleaned up. She never woke. We transferred her to her therapy room so we could completely strip her bed and she slept in there the rest of the day. Never woke up. Well she opened her eyes right around midnight when I was changing her diaper but that was only for a few minutes and then she was back asleep. She held her pee all day today and only went three times. Two times her nurse had to use the hot water trick and the last time I was about to use the hot water when I realized she had just gone! It was quite the sleepy day for my girl today. Hoping for a happy/awake girl tomorrow!

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