Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sleepy but good

Last night was SO much better! Thank God (seriously)! Ryan woke up at 5am (when I got up to use the bathroom) and coughed from 5-6am and then fell back to sleep. I snuck out at 6 to run and when I got back I still found two sleeping kids. When Ryan woke up, I could immediately tell he was drastically improved. Still coughing but nothing like yesterday. Reagan slept all night and then just kept sleeping (no fever today either)! She slept the whole day through (even through diaper changes)! Around 7pm or so her pump started beeping and I went in to check on it and realized that the entire room smelled of formula. Her extension had popped out and her pump was "feeding the bed"! Ugh. No clue how long this had been going on but a major clean up was in order. In the process of removing her wet clothes and wiping her down and putting on new clothes...she woke up! Thankfully she was in a good mood. She was awake for the rest of the night until bed time, eventually falling back to sleep on her own. We've got a busy day planned for tomorrow, so we're hoping for a happy, awake girl!

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Diane said...

Whew!!! So glad they are on the mend! Hoping they are back on track for the whole week!