Saturday, September 10, 2016


Last night was a nightmare. Reagan was awake all night, super tense and kicking nonstop. And Ryan woke back up around midnight coughing nonstop! It was awful! He was coughing so much he eventually made himself throw up! I was afraid we might have to take him in he was so bad. Finally around 2:30am Mike was able to lay down with him and he fell back to sleep. He was back up coughing by 5am but then fell back asleep and slept a bit longer. It was a rough night. ROUGH! Of course we have no nurse on Saturdays, so that made it extra tough. And to top it all girl had a fever this morning! Another fever! Wth?!?! I was on the phone with the pediatrician at 8am and scheduled an appt for both kiddos at 11. Thankfully our pediatrician was the dr on call this weekend. Mike and I took two separate cars (Ryan was still coughing so much we didn't want Reagan sitting directly beside him) and headed to the appt. Ryan has an ear infection (in the ear that no longer has a tube), tonsils covered in pus (but not super red), lots of sinus drainage, and this horrendous cough (which could be a resp virus or allergies/sinus drainage). He needed an antibiotic so instead of trying to force him to take something by mouth for two weeks (which he wouldn't take), we opted for the shot. He fought like a tiger, but at least it's done (for now, he still has to go back in on Monday for another). Reagan sounded clear in her lungs, just a little gunky in her throat (all of a sudden she has a big cough today), definitely congested, but ears and throat look good...but she still has a fever. I even collected a urine sample just to rule out a UTI. We're not entirely sure what is causing her recurring fevers, but her doctor wants her on an antibiotic as well just in case this is some sort of secondary bacterial infection she's fighting. Thankfully she has no problem taking an antibiotic (thank you tube), so no shots for my girl. Reagan was really great riding in the car (she had been so tense this morning) and we were able to keep her downstairs the rest of the day. She dozed off and on but was still pretty tense. She ended up spiking a high fever again late this afternoon but then finally calmed down and seemed to relax once I gave her a dose of ibuprofen. I'm really hoping this fever is gone for good. PRAYING for some sleep tonight. We are SO exhausted and my poor girl still hasn't slept in days!

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